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AwesomeShop was founded in and is driven forward since 2017 by a crazy man who is Believer and Doer and also a husband, father, son and a brother. Who believes that true masculinity is about being yourself, caring for your family and going for your dreams, who later gathered a team of same minded fellas and now We have our locations in USA  and Europe, with the headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our products are essentials, the pieces we love and use the most, and they have one thing in common – they’re timeless. Not in or out of fashion. Our products are designed to last forever and look even better with time as a true man does. Highest possible luxurious quality and durability of our products is the top priority, as We do care about sustainability and environment left for our children. We do not care about fast fashion or trends, We care about classics and styles that last eternity and tell the story. Simple colors and styles combined with a bit of vintage and a lot of true strong masculine designs is our way of being a MAN in XXI century. We are committed to provide you with what we promise: masculine design hight quality products and straight forward customer care. Feel free to give Us a note and tell Us what You think.

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Vilnius, Lithuania